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   I am an educator, parent or guardian.  (What is this?) Only an educator, parent or guardian may sign up for a virtual bank at MyKidsBank.  If you are a student or a minor with desire to learn about savings, please contact your parent, guardian or teacher.
Login information for your virtual bank will be emailed to you.  Please email us if you do not receive the login information.
About MyKidsBank artificial online banks
MyKidsBank artificial banks are used to assist in the education of personal money management.  Each artificial online bank operates similar to a real online bank through a web browser on the internet.  The person who signs up for a virtual bank has full control and becomes the banker.  Parents find the service helpful for managing allowance for their children.  Classroom teachers also use the service to assist in their classroom economy.  Each bank can be configured for local country currency symbols and time zones.   Read more....
Privacy of minors assured
MyKidsBank has always been specially designed so that the privacy of minors is assured.  The educator has full control of the content and experience within their virtual online bank. 
  • No identifying information of learners is ever submitted to the site.  To fully avoid any identifying information of minors from being shared with the service, the educator assigns non-identifying aliases for learners so they may log into the educator's virtual bank.
  • No App needed.  In addition to a standard laptop view, MyKidsBank supports mobile device use without the need of an "App".  This assures that learners and the educator fully avoids submitting private information to third party app stores.
  • No Advertising.  There is no advertising when using MyKidsBank to eliminate risk of exposure to third parties. 
  • See our Privacy policy
Mobile Friendly - No need to download an app
MyKidsBank is mobile friendly.  Account holders and the banker may access their virtual bank using a mobile without needing to download an app.  Once your bank has been created, simply create an desktop icon from your mobile browser and point to the assigned web link for your bank.  Read more... is a non-profit public benefit corporation with the purpose to promote savings education.   All Rights Reserved         Contact About FAQs Terms Privacy Policy