About MyKidsBank artificial online banks

MyKidsBank artificial banks are used to assist in the education of personal money management.  Each artificial online bank operates similar to a real online bank and is fully controlled by the "banker".
Home Use
For use in a household, a parent may use a virtual online bank for managing allowance as part of teaching the value of savings to their children.  As the banker, the parent creates and manages virtual individual savings accounts for each child.  Managing allowance is simplified since the banker may set automatic weekly deposits and automatic interest for each account.  The banker may also allow each account holder to independently log into their account from the internet to see their account transactions similar to a real online bank.
Classroom Use
For use in a classroom, a teacher may use a virtual online bank for their classroom economy.  As the banker, the teacher creates and manages the savings accounts for each of the students.  Through settings on their virtual bank, the banker may allow each student to login to the classroom bank and perform transactions similar to a real online bank.

Multi-national currency symbols
and Time Zones
Each virtual bank has a variety of features for assisting bankers to manage their banks and associated account holders.  The banker may set each account to have automatic interest postings, automatic weekly deposits, and various transaction privileges.  The banker may also generate banknotes which may be redeemed by the account holders independently online.  There also is a provision for the banker to create bank teller accounts for assisting the banker.

The banker can setup their bank for local country or regional customary settings.  Settings include the local time zone, date formats and currency formats.  The banker may also select a currency symbol used by any country or from a set of custom symbols.

Each bank can accommodate up to 1500 account holders, 20 tellers and 1 banker. 

Summary of MyKidsBank Features

Each MyKidsBank artificial bank operates independently and has features similar to a real online bank.  The banker, bank tellers and account holders can independently and even simultaneously login to the bank from different computers.

The banker
  • add/delete/modify deposit accounts and their permissions
  • set a login username/password for each account holder
  • set and modify multiple automatic/recurring deposits with customized terminology
  • set and modify multiple automatic/recurring withdrawals with customized terminology
  • make a deposit to one or more accounts in a single action
  • make a withdrawal from one or more accounts in a single action
  • set automatic interest for one or more accounts in a single action
  • set automatic deposit amounts to one or more accounts in a single action
  • set automatic withdrawals from one or more accounts in a single action
  • inspect/create/modify/delete transactions of any account
  • set the name of the bank
  • modify banker password
  • set a login message to all account holders
  • add/delete/modify bank tellers and their permissions
  • import an account holders list from a spreadsheet. (.csv file)
  • transfer funds between accounts
  • view activity log with desired sort criteria
  • locale settings for local country customs and time zone:
    • Time zones: all countries and regions
    • Currency symbol
    • Currency format
    • Date format
    • Time format
Account holders
  • inspect transactions online
  • make a deposit online1
  • make a withdrawal online1
  • make a transfer of funds to another account online1
  • redeem a bank note online1
Bank tellers    (Optionally created by the banker)
  • inspect transactions of any account
  • transfer funds between accounts1
  • deposit to any account1
  • withdraw from any account1
  • redeem a bank note to any account1
  • transactions performed by the teller are identified as performed by the individual teller
Bank notes    (Optionally created by the banker)
The banker may issue and print bank notes.  Bank notes may be used as bank currency or may be redeemed by account holders online to post to their account.
  • issue and print bank notes of a specified value
  • show whether a bank note has been redeemed and by who
  • show details of a bank issue and the status of each bank note.
1Note: based on permission assigned by the banker

No private information of any minor needs to be nor should ever be submitted at any time (e.g. name and email address).  A teacher, parent or guardian are the only individuals who may sign up for a virtual bank.  Since there is no advertising, learners are not exposed to outside information.  Click here for more info...
No software installation needed
The "banker" (educator/parent/guardian), "tellers" and "account holders" may access their artificial bank from anywhere on the internet using a standard web browser. 
Mobile support
The "banker" (educator/parent/guardian) and "account holders" may view their bank in "mobile view mode" without needing to install an app.  Click here for more info...
MyKidsBank was originally developed in 2002 for the education of young people in the importance of money management.  In 2003, the online program was enhanced to support classroom economies.  Enhancements continue to be made.  MyKidsBank online banks at do not have any advertising. provides the service to the public for free.  There is no warranty in any form.

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